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Golspie School Prizegiving 1854

Golspie Prize List July 28th 1854

Master - Thomas Fraser A.M.
Pupil Teachers - Charles BAILLIE and James MUNRO

Homer - 3 books - George BANTOCK
Odes of Horace - George BANTOCK
Aenid - Alexander PETRIE
Caesar - Roderick MACKENZIE & J. R. MACIVER equal, John GUNN & Wm MACARTHUR equal
Delectus & Rudiments - Angus MACKAY, Duncan D. MACIVER, Alexander SUTHERLAND
Rudiments - William ROSS

French - Agnes A. BROWN, Catherine A. BAILLIE

History - Alex PETRIE, James R. MACIVER – girls Agnes BROWN, Catherine BAILLIE

Euclid & Algebra - George BANTOCK, Donald MACKAY
Arithmetic -2d Class John GUNN, Alex MACARTHUR - 3d Class Don. MACIVER, Magnus SMITH - 4th Class D. D. MACIVER, Alex SUTHERLAND - 5th Class Donald MUNRO

Writing - 2nd Class J. GUNN minor, William ROSS - 3rd Class Rod. LINDSAY, G. CUNNINGHAM - 4th Class Alexander ROSS

Geography -1st Class Alex PETRIE, William ROSS, girls Catherine BAILLIE, Agnes BROWN- 2nd Class Angus MACKAY, James J. HILL, D .D. MACIVER - 3rd Class Donald MUNRO, G. CUNNINGHAM

English -1st Class Catherine BAILLIE, Agnes BROWN, Alex PETRIE, J. R. MACIVER, John GUNN – extra Donald MACIVER, John MACINTOSH - 2nd Class Angus MACKAY, Donald MUNRO, D. D. MACIVER – Helen BURNETT, Christian MUNRO - 3rd Class Robert R. HILL, Jessie SUTHERLAND, Christine SMITH, Jane SUTHERLAND – extra, Bell MACKINTOSH, J. MACDONALD - 4th Class Mary BAILLIE, Sophy MACDONALD, Charles MORRISON, Alex MUNRO.

Initiatory - Ann TAIT, Betsy MACKAY, Amelia HILL, Thomas BARNETT, John MACKAY, William TAIT

Attention and Good Conduct - James MACIVER

This school will OPEN, after the Vacation, on Monday, the 28th day of August current. One or Two additional BOARDERS can still be accommodated.
Golspie August 1 1854.

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