Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fangomore School Class 1912/13

I do have the names of those in this photograph but not the order. Presume it is back row left to right as normal.

Mr Colin Junnor headmaster, Hugh Mackenzie, Mary Macaskill junior, Mary Macleod, Mary Macaskill senior, Dolina Mackenzie, Ina Ross, Donnie Mackay, Donnie Fleming, George Mackay, George Fleming, Donnie Macleod, Alexina Macleod, Hughina Morrison, John Munro, Tommy Fleming, Willie Mackenzie, Bill Munro, Tommy Macleod, Robina Macleod, Carrie Ross, Vandie Macleod, Nathie Ross, Alistair Munro, John George Ross, Alexander Macaskill, Lena Macaskill, Barbara Macaskill, Christina Macleod, Bessie Ross and Meg Mackenzie.

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