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Golspie School Prizegiving 1855

Golspie School - Master-Thomas Fraser, A.M. Prize List, August 10th, 1855

Greek - Charles BAILLIE & James MUNRO
Latin - Charles BAILLIE & Alexander PETRIE
Aeneid -William MACARTHUR, James MACIVER & Roderick MACKENZIE - equal
Caesar -David R.CLARK
Delectus -Duncan D.MACIVER, Angus MACKAY.
2d Division -Hugh FERGUSON
Rudiments -Robert R. HILL & Alexander ROSS Minor

French -Boys, Alexander PETRIE - Girls, Agnes BROWN - 2d Class -John GUNN

Geography -1st Class -Alex PETRIE, Agnes BROWN - 2d Class, William ROSS, Magnus SMITH, G.CUNNINGHAM - 3d Class-Angus MACKAY, James HILL, Henry BAILLIE - 4th Class,
Robert HILL, Alexander ROSS - 5th Class -Chas. MORRISON, John MUNRO

English Grammar -1st Class - Jas. R. MACIVER, John GUNN - 2nd Class, Eric CLARKE, D.D. MACIVER, Angus MACKAY

Attention and Good Conduct -Donald MACKAY, Margaret FERGUSON

Euclid -Six Books -Charles BAILLIE, David R.CLARKE - Three Books, A.PETRIE, J.MUNRO
Algebra -Quadratics -D.R. CLARKE, D. MACKAY.
Mental Arithmetic-Alex. MACARTHUR, Hugh FERGUSON.
Arithmetic-1st Class, John GUNN - 2nd Class D. MACIVER - 3rd Class Alex SUTHERLAND - 4th Class Donald MUNRO

Writing -1st Class, W. MACARTHUR, A. MACARTHUR - 2nd Class, Jno. GUNN Minor, William ROSS, G. CUNNINGHAM - 3rd Class, Alex SUTHERLAND, Angus MACKAY - 4th Class, Alex ROSS, Robert HILL - Girls, Agnes BROWN, Catherine BAILLIE

English -1st Class, Alex PETRIE - Girls, Catherine BAILLIE - 2d Division -Angus MACKAY, Duncan MACIVER - 2d Class-Helen BURNETT, G.CUNNINGHAM, John MACRAE - 2d Division -Mackay SCOBIE, Rodk. LINDSAY - 3d Class -Mary BAILLIE, Johanna MACDONALD, Ann TAIT, Christina SMITH - Boys, Charles MORRISON, John MUNRO - 4th Class, Jane BAILLIE, William TAIT, Alexr. MUNRO, Thomas BURNETT, Ann MACRAE, Amelia HILL - 5th Class, Helen MUNRO, John MACDONALD - Initiatory Classes, Charles HILL, Jessie KENNEDY.

The School will be opened after the Vacation, on Monday, the 10th September next. There are vacancies for Three Boarders.
Golspie 13th August, 1855.

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