Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Golspie School - some notes of interest

"In Golspie of 1851 education was neither compulsory nor free, but it was held in high regard. This is reflected in the very high proportion of children described as scholars. There were two schools in Golspie in 1851, one at the School house (head and one assistant) and the other associated with the Free Church (head and one assistant). The occupations listed for the masters of both schools suggest the main emphasis was on English, mathematics and the classics. Of the children between the ages of 5 and 14 in Golspie Town (excluding Fishertown) 56 of the 59 males are scholars as are 42 of the 56 females."

The above from Neil North, Australia, writing on his ancestor John Ross. He added that John Ross and all his siblings attended Golspie School. "We have many examples of his later letters to Newspapers in Australia and his English skill was very high. However his sister Margaret, who also attended school until 15, still signed her marriage certificate with a cross".

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