Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Drumbeg School, Assynt, Sutherland

The Class of 1910/11
This photograph was donated by Sandra Perry.

Head Teacher on left :Mr John Cameron ( came in March 1911 )
Assistant on right : Miss H MacKenzie

Taken in summer - note bare feet

BACK ROW left to right:
Kenny Graham, Duart Nedd; Hugh Ross, Nedd; John Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary; Hughina Macleod, Drumbeg; Williamina Macleod, Culkein Caplach; Jessie Stewart, Nedd; David Macaulay, Oldany; Kenny Matheson, Drumbeg; Hughie Morrison, Culkein

2ND ROW left to right: Dolly Macdonald, Culkein; Hughina Macdonald, Culkein; Sarah Graham, Drumbeg; Cathel Munro, Nedd; ? Colman, Drumbeg at Cavies; Murdo Alick Macleod, Drumbeg; Willie Munro, Drumbeg; Donald MacLeod, Drumbeg Missionary; Neil Matheson, Drumbeg; Murdo Kerr, Nedd; Murdo Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary; Katy Ann Ross, Nedd; Mary Ann Macleod, Culkein; Peggy Munro, Drumbeg; Connie Macrae, Nedd

THIRD ROW; Peggy Macleod, Drumbeg; Katie Munro, Nedd; Hughina Morrison, Culkein; Hughina Stewart, Nedd; Maggie Ross, Nedd; Jessie MacAulay, Oldany; Ian Ross, Nedd; Lexy Macdonald, Culkein; Dolly Macleod, Drumbeg; Babbie Munro, Nedd; Nellie Macleod, Culkein; Katie Graham, --- [ Auchaloisk per original txt file]; Maggie Macleod, Culkein; Katie Ann Morrison, Culkein; Bella Macaulay, Oldany; Annie Munro, Drumbeg; Connie MacKenzie (teacher)

4th ROW'; Katie Ross, Drumbeg; Nina Macdonald, Drumbeg; Alice Graham, Drumbeg; Flora Campbell, Nedd; Jessie Munro, Drumbeg; Cathie Macleod, Duart Nedd; Dolly Graham, Drumbeg; Mary Ann Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary; Annie Macleod, Culkein; Wilhelmina Macleod, Culkein Polcaple

FRONT ROW; Donnie Murdo Macleod, Drumbeg; Rory Macleod, Duart Nedd; Donald Macleod, Drumbeg - Punch; Alick Ross, Drumbeg; Murdo MacLeod. Mudie; John Macdonald, Drumbeg - Hen; Duncan Macleod, Culkein; John Kerr, Nedd

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