Monday, 8 June 2009

Oldshore School

Photograph shows the old school house today, a holiday cottage

I started school at Oldshore Primary School, Kinlochbervie in 1952. The teacher was a Miss Elizabeth Fraser, who lived in Droman and she taught classes 1 to 7 in one room. I was Oldshore school for four years.

Gaelic was the language spoken by everyone in the area and most children understood it even if they didn't speak it. I remember my grandfather reading the Gaelic Bible first thing in the morning and last thing at night and this was the norm in most houses.

During my time at Oldshore school I was never taught Gaelic, although it was taught to the older children in the room. I remember this because one day the teacher was giving a Gaelic lesson to the older children and she asked them what the Gaelic for herring was. The boy she asked didn't know and then she made me stand up and give the answer. The teacher told the boy it was a disgrace that he didn't know. For me giving the correct answer I was given a slap in the ear
from the older boy after school for being so smart!!

Hector Macrae
Bonar Bridge

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