Monday, 8 June 2009

Lairg School

Prior to the general meeting of the Sutherland Education Committee held in the Sutherland Arms Hotel, Lairg, yesterday (Wednesday) the Bursary Sub-Committee went very fully into the list of applications for bursaries for the current year and effected a saving of £905 on the estimates. When the recommendations of this committee came before the parent body the economy was reduced to a sum of £840. The total sum allocated in bursaries amounts to £1115.

The director of education said that in connection with the proposed extension of the playground at Shinness School, Lairg, the fencing, according to the architect's report, would cost in the region of £20. 0.57 of an acre was proposed as the extension and Mr Horne was not so far in a position to say whether any drainage was required or not.

Mr Hugh Davidson – The extension of the playground at the school is very necessary. The present playground is really too small, and the amount asked by the crofter for the piece of land proposed to be taken over is very reasonable. At present, when the boys play football on the playground there is no room for the girls, and in addition windows get broken. The extension is overdue.

After several members referred to the difficulty which might arise in getting the land, Mr Davidson said the matter was not altogether so mountainous as was made out, and that the area might be got very cheaply. If the proprietor was approached, and they got the tenant's consent, then everything would be in order.

Mr John Ross – There is great necessity for adequate playground facilities here and I have no doubt if the proprietor is approached in the proper way he may make you a gift of the ground.
It was decided to approach the proprietor in regard to the extra piece of ground required for the playground.

Unfortunately I do not have a date for the above but believe it may be 1953. Can anyone confirm or give correct date?

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