Monday, 8 June 2009

Badcall Inchard School

Badcall School which is now a restaurant.

Snippets from the press but unfortunately no date. Can anyone date this article?

In view of the resignation of Mr D D Todd, MA, headmaster, Badcall-Inchard Public School, it was resolved to advertise for a graduate male teacher.
Dr Macrae was of opinion that a female teacher would carry out the work.
Chairman – There are three side schools.
Dr Macrae – But surely a lady teacher can carry on. It would be very much cheaper and we would no doubt get the same quality of work.
The chairman was of opinion that a male head teacher should be advertised for and in this he was supported by Mr Murray.
Dr Macrae said that a lady teacher carried on the work at Larachan School, where the roll was larger than at Badcall-Inchard.
Mr Lundie did not think a lady teacher would be suitable.
It was carried, as stated, that a male graduate teacher be advertised for.

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